Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 35 in the Philippines - "love you all so much!"

Here are some pictures for you! 

We made crepes! It's so fun being with Sister Moser because we make guacamole and crepes and salsa and fun things like that. 

 I think I wrote about this family last week, this pic is from a FHE we had with them. Brother Ricky, Sister Era, their two boys Aaron and Eric and then the two girls are from next door- Sweet and Kay. We visited them yesterday and shared about the priesthood because we really want to help Brother Ricky prepare himself to hold the priesthood. He has some Word of Wisdom problems, addictions that came back after he got baptized. Their family has a goal to go to the temple and get sealed as a family, so we're going to really work on helping them prepare for that! I love when people have the desire to change because then they will change!

Sister Pederson, my MTC companion was one of the 6 that came to Manila with me! It was soooo fun to catch up and be with her again! We went to Wendy's in Manila hahaha. It was such a treat to get a nice cold frosty!

The beautiful Manila temple. It was so awesome to go to the temple while being on my mission. So much of what I have been studying and learning on my mission all came together. It was so incredible. I started crying the second we stepped inside the temple and did not want to leave the Celestial room. I came out with a renewed desire to help as many people as possible make it to the temple, whether that means getting them baptized first or if they are already a member. We are so blessed to get to experience those truly incredible blessings and the spiritual power that comes from the temple.

We had a really beautiful baptism yesterday for sweet Patricia. She is the cutest little girl in the whole world! Don't you think? She was sitting next to me after she got baptized and turned to me and asked "So when I get older, maybe like 15 or so, can I get baptized again?" So adorable. I love her sooo much! 

I love you all to pieces! Keep smiling! You're all amazing!

Love, Sister Malyon

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