Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 48 in the Philippines - "peace"

Oh I just love you all soo much! Thank you so much for the emails and for always being the most supportive, loving and amazing family in the whole world! I am the luckiest person ever. 

We talked about this at our training this week-using the pictures in our pamphlets more in our lessons because they are just as inspired as the words in the pamphlets. Plus, people love pictures! I'm hoping sending pics will make us for a short email. 

These are our wonderful investigators that came to church! Brother Arnel is in the red, Dannylyn in the pink, Angelo in the white and grey in the back and then Delmar in the black, I think. The other brothers in white are their fellowshippers! 

These are our awesome ward missionaries, Oliver, Ronnel and Rhofa! And cute Sister Javier:) Whenever we go out to work in our far area, we all eat lunch together at Oliver house. 

Well, about the picture of the investigators. So, Brother Oliver referred us a while ago to his brother, Angelo and when we went to teach him, all his friends joined as well! The first few times we taught them, they were all super shy and would kind of giggle and stuff, not really taking it very seriously. But this week something changed! We taught them on Thursday about the Book of Mormon. We reviewed the restoration with them and the whole lesson they were all so into it! They took it all so much more seriously. The spirit was soooo strong in the lesson and Sister Rhofa bore a super powerful testimony of the book of mormon to them. They all have this sincere desire to come closer to Christ and to change. It's so amazing. They are this group of friends, ranging from age 16 (the only girl, Dannylyn), to like 25 or so. 

And then on Saturday, we did exchanges, so sister Javier just taught them with Rhofa and Oliver. She taught them about the Word of Wisdom, because we knew they had problems with it and need to get them to quit right away in order to get baptized. She told me that they were so receptive. They all already had the desire to quit and change, but they needed that support and the doctrine of Christ to encourage them. At the end of the lesson, Brother John Rey, one of the "cool kid/tough guy" kind of person haha, offered to give the closing prayer! They said his prayer was so sincere and so good. 

Then on Sunday, 4 of them came to church! The four in the picture. They are so amazing. I love them so much. I love so much seeing the gospel, the spirit, work on the lives of people in order to inspire and help them change their lives around and become closer to Christ. It's seriously so amazing and so miraculous. For pday we're going to make "No Smoking" "No drinking" signs to hang up in their homes:) haha

I love the gospel so much. This work is so hard, but so incredible. The work is hastening and it's up to us if we are going to jump on board or just stand by. Jump on board!:) It's so much fun! and so rewarding! I love you all so much. so much! 

This is Romeo! He is amazing! I think I told you about the experience with him when he started doubting his faith and then he read the Book of Mormon and had a really awesome experience and he's totally strong again. Well, I finally got a picture with him. He was baptized I think in March, before I got here. This week he shared with us this really amazing, spiritual dream he had where he received revelation. I don't think I've ever received revelation through a dream, but I've heard of some really awesome experiences with that since being on the mission. I love how Heavenly Father talks to each one of us in whatever way is best for us. He's the only member in his family. Oh and Sister Rhofa is in the picture too! She was working with us.

This is a picture of cutie pie Christine Joy and her older sister Mary Hope. Christine is 9 and still hasn't been baptized because she has a water phobia. She has tried to get baptized three times! We're not giving up and are going to try again August 23. It's been quite a while since the last time she tried, and she's been practicing getting used to water in the river, so she told us she's ready for real:) We have faith!!!! Christine is wearing the orange dress.

love, love, love,

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