Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 60 in the Philippines - "HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND ALL SAINTS DAY!!!!!"

Hello lovely family and cute friends!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! They don't really celebrate Halloween, well it's different. November 1 is All Saints Day, so everyone goes to the cemetery to remember the dead and some little kids put on face paint and act like zombies and stuff like that haha. Everyone eats this food called valenciana, which is sticky rice, on All Saints Day. They have this yellow curry kind that's really good with like peas and bits of meat and then they have this sweet kind with coconut and sugar. So we got to eat lots of that on Saturday and still have lots in our fridge! :) So sweet! 

We also went to the cemetery and wrote down information from graves of the relatives of members to help them fill out their pedigree charts. The cemeteries here are so cool because they are all above ground since we're on an island haha. It's like going through a maze of all these graves! And everyone lights candles and puts them by the tombstones on All Saints Day. 

Anyway...I'm excited to share this cool experience with you that happened this week! MIRACLE! So we rode to one of our areas one day and while traveling, talked to the tricycle driver briefly, gave him a pamphlet and our phone number. The next day we got a text from him asking how he can join our church! We were shocked! So then we saw him the next day and he told us how he had a dream where there were two girls and an angel with them. They gave him a blue book in his dream! He said when he woke up, he thought of us! That we were the two girls from his dream! He took us to meet and teach his sister and her family and they were all so receptive and so amazing! 

We've only taught them one time and it had to be a quick visit because it was late in the evening, but we're so excited to keep teaching all of them! This tricycle driver, Brother JR, is sooo golden! He's obviously been prepared and I just can't wait 'til we share with him about and give him a Book of Mormon! ;) 

It's so amazing how Heavenly Father prepares people for the gospel! I know he's preparing people all around you as well, back home. We just have to follow the Spirit, so we'll know what's right and He will use us to connect them to the gospel! I also love how He communicates with us in the way we best understand, like for Brother JR through his dreams.:) 

Also this week we've been planning the wedding for Brother DonDon and Sister Jennifer! We are ssoooooo excited for them!!! They are getting married on Friday and then the baptism will be right after! We were planning with them and President Castaneda (our branch president) and it was just so crazy because none of us know what we're doing! It's Pres. Castaneda's first time to marry anyone, our first time planning a wedding, Jennifer and Don Don's first time...the blind leading the blind haha. Pres C would ask us "so what's the marriage blessing???" and we would say "We don't know!" So we'll see how it all turns out hahahahahaha. 

This weekend is so crazy and so awesome! So the two of them will get married and baptized on Friday and then on Saturday is the baptism of Brother Joemil and his daughter Mary Grace! I'm soooo excited for all of them! It's so amazing to get to be with such amazing people and witness these amazing miracles in their lives! I love missionary work so much:)

Well, yesterday we had Mission Leadership Council, so you should find some pics of us on Pres. FB (just so you know mom:). Our mission is getting ready for our mission tour next week! Elder Ardern, the Area President for the Philippines, is coming to visit our mission!

I hope you are all feeling the Spirit of Christmas already because the Spirit of Christ is a spirit of joy and love! I love you all sooo much and am praying for you! Keep holding on to the iron rod and you will partake of the greatest joy, that of eternal life! 

I love you tons and tons! 
Love Sister Malyon

P.S. Oh! I forgot to tell you I have a new companion. Sister Laulu got transferred yesterday and now I get to serve with cute Sister Lazan! She's a filipina sister from my batch, so we arrived in the mission the same time!  


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