Monday, September 16, 2013

First Week in the Philippines - "wow I can't believe I'm here"

Lunch in the mission home - Sept. 11, 2013
emailing home - day of arrival


Mission Training from President Lopez

Dinner at the Mission Home

I'm glad you got to see all those pictures and get a taste of what's been going on. I love my mission president so much! He's so cute and hilarious! We were talking about sister missionaries dress at our orientation and he was talking about how we should wear bright colors because "we are going to birthday parties! Baptisms! Not funerals, but birthday parties!" That's one way to look at it:) He's great.

I love the Philippines and I'm so excited to be here and to get to know these amazing people and all the members in our awesome ward! My trainer is from Southern California and she's great. She's been letting me bear my testimony and pray in our lessons so far, but this week I'm hoping to start actually teaching with her. We had a lesson my first day here, which was pretty awesome.

We have quite a few investigators and the coolest thing ever is that we had a baptism on Saturday! Can you believe it? My first Saturday here! What a treat! We have a mission goal to have baptisms every single week! The work is moving super fast here! The girl that got baptized is named Annamae and she is like 10 or 11 years old and just so stinkin adorable. I got to speak at the baptism, yay haha and one of the YW sang for a musical number. During the whole baptismal service, Sister Annamae had the BIGGEST smile on her face! She was sooo happy, well she's always happy and smiling, but it was especially so at her baptism. She has members all around her that are her friends and family, so it's awesome all the support she has. Actually most of our investigators right now are referrals from recent converts. And often at lessons, new people will join in to listen and we'll get another new investigator!

It's super exciting doing missionary work and teaching everyday. I'm so grateful for this incredible opportunity and to be able to assist God in bringing others unto Christ.

After zone conference we had a missionary apartment inspection with Elder and Sister Anderson
Sister Tampos, Sister Dequina, Sister Livingston and Sister Malyon
 We have this super nice apartment and live with two other sisters, Sister Tampos and Sister Dequinea. They are both Filipino, which is good because they are going to teach us how to make Filipino food! Yay! I really hope to get more immersed in the culture. It is soooo hot and humid! :) Gosh I am sweating constantly. Hopefully I will get used to it soon.:)

I guess my mission pres knew I could sing from something I said in my papers. I'm not really sure. I sang with Sister Evans who was in the other district with me at the MTC. We sang "Lead Kindly  Light". It was pretty good I guess. I'm getting used to pulling together talks and musical numbers and spiritual thoughts in really short amounts of time! I guess it helps that we are studying so much everyday.

The mission president likes to keep the sisters close to him, so all of the sisters are close to the city. I'm serving in the Bacolod north zone and all of my friends from the MTC are pretty close by I think. We have zone conference this week so I'll get to see them all again.

It's so beautiful here! So green and so many awesome trees! Rambutan is this fruit that's in season -- I love it and it looks so cool. I'm blessed to be here.

My p-day is Mondays. Packages take forever, but we can get letters pretty quickly. You should send everything to this address:

Sister Krista Dianne Malyon
Philippines Bacolod Mission
PO Box 660, Bacolod City
6100 Negros Occidental

That will be the same for my whole mission!

Jaimie sent me this awesome discourse on love that I read on the airplane. I want to leave with you a quote from it "Do not grudge the hand that is molding the still too shapeless image within you." Henry Drummond

God knows us perfectly and He wants us to become like Him. Sometimes it's really hard to let Him shape me into who He needs me to be, but I'm trying to learn how to be humble and allow Him to shape me into someone so much better than I can even imagine.

I love you! Keep being awesome examples and missionaries!
Sister Malyon and her trainer, Sister Livingston

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