Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week Five in the MTC - "the kingdom of God is worth everything you can give!"

We got our travel plans on Friday! We were super excited to get them and think about going to the Philippines, but also sad because the two sisters, Sister masse and Sister nonu going to Iloilo mission, are on a different flight then the rest of us:( Saying bye to them will be the saddest thing ever. We are supposed to meet at 3:30 am at the MTC on Monday morning to leave for the airport.
My district thinks it's funny that I'm a tree-hugger!

Wow, i can't believe how fast the time has flown by at the MTC. It's definitely bitter-sweet. I love the MTC and know I'll never really have an experience quite like this ever again. I have learned SOOOOOO MUCH here. it's crazy. I feel like a different person than before the MTC. Well at least i hope I am from all I've learned. It's so awesome that through the Atonement we can progress and change and become better every day! I love the hope that brings. 

This week I have been thinking a lot about the law of consecration, about trying to consecrating all that I have and all that I am to the Lord. Sister Masse, our Sister Training Leader for our district, gave me some awesome quotes and a scripture about it earlier this week. The scripture is Mosiah 2:34 "ye are eternally indebted to your heavenly Father, to render to him all that you have and are". Nothing could be more true! I owe everything to my Father in heaven!he has given me everything, created me, sent me to earth, helped me countless times, provided me with a way to return to live with Him, given me his Son. wow. he has also blessed me with the most amazing family and friends in the whole world! and this incredible opportunity to share the gospel to the world. 

On Tuesday, we had a really incredible and spiritual experience at the end of class. Our teacher, Brother Speiser, shared with us how he imagines the kingdom of God as a place full of love and forgiveness. We can build and be fit for the kingdom of God while still on earth. We are to share the gospel with others so that we can all help build the kingdom of God on earth. The kingdom of God is worth EVERYTHING I am, everything I have. I need to work on giving up those things in my heart that aren't fit for the Kingdom of God because it is truly worth it. 

After he left, we had a group hug. I love those 5 sisters in my district more than I can express and we had such an incredible, life-changing experience there together in our little MTC classroom with our teacher, the Spirit and the many angels present. I know that everyone can feel of God's love and of His spirit wherever they are! you can have experiences like this if you listen and heed the promptings of the Spirit. I love you all so much and wanted to share this with you so you can feel the Spirit that I feel, the love that I feel and be reminded of our ultimate goal to return to the kingdom of God.  

next time you hear from me I'll be in the Philippines!

Picture with Elder Brendan Smith  (my brother's close friend) and his companion

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