Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week Three in the MTC - "God is aware of you:)"

How are you all doing? Have you been noticing the Lord's hand in your life lately? If you just pay attention and notice, He's involved in your life so much everyday!

So I pretty much have the best district in the whole entire world. It's actually super fun that we're all sisters because we have become sooooo close! We are family to each other. I am so blessed. We do this thing where every night someone shares something about herself so that we can get to know her better. Every week we have a different topic. The first week, we each shared our story about how we decided to serve a mission and then everyone went around and said something she admires about the sister, the second week we each shared a funny story from our life and a trial. This week we have been sharing random facts about ourselves. So my district already knows my fear of birds, that sour food makes my face sweat and all those other things that make me unique:) I love them. 

I think one of the biggest lessons I learned this week is that it is more important that I am enjoying myself and having a good experience than being stressed out all the time trying to study my brains out 24/7. It's still important that I'm working my hardest, but you know what I mean. Always find joy in the journey! I learned that the best way to do that is to focus on having, and praying for, love for everyone around you and then also focusing on always keeping the Spirit with you. 

I know that God is aware of me and cares about me so much. He is in control. It brings me so much peace to know that as long as I am worthy of the Spirit and follow it, everything will be okay. It really will be because God is in control. Of course He still give us our free agency, but He also gives us guidance if we let Him. The gospel is so beautiful and so perfect. 
God has been helping me so much with everything! It's so evident when teaching in the language, that God is working miracles in my life everyday! When we teach with the Spirit and with love for our investigator, everything else falls into place and Heavenly Father works miracles! We committed one of our investigators, JB, to baptism this week! YAY!!!! It was all the power of the Spirit, trust me:)

We went to the temple for the first time last Thursday because it finally opened! I loved being back there in God's house so much! We get to go again this afternoon and I'm so excited! I love the Spirit there and feelings of peace and love. We are so blessed to have temples:)
My zone in front of the temple

Palangga ta kamo! I love you all!

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