Thursday, August 15, 2013

Week Two in the MTC

It's crazy how often I forget about the big picture of what I am doing and why I am here when I start stressing out about the language and such, BUT the Lord doesn't let me forget for long. He uses the spirit plus all of you and your encouragement to remind me that this the most incredible opportunity and blessing on the planet. I am truly, truly blessed to be called to serve my Savior and represent Him 24/7! 

So my first week here, we had one investigator and since we didn't know the language, we would just memorize things to say. We would pray, share a tiny message with a few memorized lines and then someone would bear their testimony. Everything was memorized though. This past week, things changed for the better. We have been learning how to form our own sentences, which is awesome. Our past few lessons this week, we have two new investigators, have been so much better. We still plan our lessons beforehand, but we come up with what we're going to say together, instead of looking up phrases and sentences in our language book to memorize. Now in our lessons, we can think in our mind what we want to say and actually come up with how to say it in Hiligaynon! 

Well not always, but it's getting so much better. Also now we listen to each other when we're speaking and we listen to our investigators and try our best to understand what they're saying. Before, we wouldn't really listen to anyone else because we were just trying to remember what our next memorized line was to say!

The other day we taught our investigator about the restoration and really simply told about the First Vision. I got emotional thinking about what we were saying and this beautiful and incredible message we have to share. Our investigators are actually our teachers pretending to be investigators they taught on their missions. We have two teachers now and I love both of them a lot. I learn so much from them everyday.
My district with our teacher, Bro. Speiser

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