Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 21 in the Philippines - "there will be miracles if you believe"

This week was so amazing. We had so many members work with us this week, which was just so great. The works moves soooo much faster when members and missionaries work together side by side. I have such a testimony of that. It was so neat this week we went to teach Sister Pamela and Welche and some of their cousins were there so we taught them the first lesson. We invited them to church, they're like 9 and 10 years old I think, and they came to church! Sister Pamela was so cute and so happy to tell us she brought her grandkids to church with her. She's already such an awesome member missionary and she just got baptized! Also another one of our investigators brought a couple of her grandkids to church as well! One of them is maybe 18 or so and we only met him once and he came to church! So awesome. It helps big time that he already has a friend that's a member. I love Sundays when people come to church!!!!!! 

We had Mission Pres training and interviews with Pres. Lopez, first the two of us together and then separate. In our companionship interview he videoed us teaching him the law of tithing in Ilonggo. It was a little intimidating. It was so funny though cuz part way through, the tablet he was using to video, fell over. President started laughing so hard. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. haha There's this new elder in our zone who just arrived a few weeks ago and talking to him just brought back so many memories of when I first arrived and couldn't understand or speak a word! It's crazy to think I've been in the field for almost 5 months now. It still feels like I just got here! 

The other day we were riding back from one of our far areas, like 20 minute tricycle ride, and it was dusk so the sun was setting.I was squeezed in this little tricycle with more people than should be allowed and had one of those moments where I just felt so amazed and so blessed that I am here. I was just admiring the beautiful sun set behind the sugarcane fields and palm trees with the mountains in the background. It looked so magical and to think that this is where I get to live and serve and be right now. I know that Heavenly Father loves me:) We were actually on our way back from visiting a family who lives totally secluded and they're Less-active because the dad can't walk anymore. I think I told you about the mom before and how she climbs the coconut trees like it's no big deal.Well this time they sent us home with like 10 coconuts! So the coconuts were rolling around on the top of the tricycle as we were riding home. I love the coconut water so much, just drinking it straight from the coconut. 

I also have a new lola, grandma here. We've been teaching her daughter who sells these donut things. We met her when we bought her donuts one time. We've been teaching her and now we're freinds with her mom, who is 88 years old and sews pot holders to sell. She gave us four pot holders this week as a gift! So sweet. The other day we were teaching Bebe, the daughter, and while we were saying the closing prayer, the lola came out and just went up behind me and put her arms around my neck.She just stayed there til the prayer ended. She's the cutest old lady in the world. It's so awesome how as soon as you meet someone here, you become family to them. Everyone is so welcoming and loving.
Well, sorry for making you all jealous that I'm here in the most beautiful place ever! But trust me there are lots of challenges as well:) I love you all so much! I truly appreciate your prayers and support and love soooo much! You're the best! You all inspire me.I love that you're so involved with missionary work!
Love you all tons and tons!!!!
Love,Sister Malyon

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