Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 33 in the Philippines - "God's hand in our lives"

How are all of you? What's new? I hope you are all doing fabulously and fulfilling your dreams! :) This week was full of little miracles, witnessing God's hand in my life. I have such a strong testimony that when we are trying our best to do what is right, Heavenly Father uses us to fulfill His purposes, to put us where He needs us to be to bless His children. I decided I want to be more organized with my emails because I tend to just ramble. So here goes my attempt:

There were three things I learned/re-learned this week that I'm going to share with you-relating to certain experienences.
1. The power of the Priesthood is real and works miracles
2. God knows us so perfectly and cares about what we care about
3. The power of music in bringing the Spirit

So on Tuesday, we had this FHE set up with a family and when we arrived at their house, we found that the mom, Sister Era, was super sick. She had been to the hospital earlier that day but didn't have the money she needed to get the tests done for the doctors to figure out what was wrong with her. She had this extreme sharp pain and couldn't really do anything. She was in so much pain. We found some priesthood holders near by and asked if they would come giver her a blessing. The brethren we asked were so awesome and immediately stopped whatever they were doing to come with us. Sister Era's husband, Ricky, is a recent convert and also less-active. He ended up opening up to us and the whole thing was a really spiritual experience with his wife receiving a blessing. We realized that night that the reason we set up that FHE was not to have a FHE, but was so that we would be at this sister's house when she needed us and so we could find people to come give her a blessing. It's so amazing how Heavenly Father works. And then, the next morning we went to check on their family and found that sister Era didn't have pain anymore. She testified to us of the power of the priesthood and how grateful she was for the blessing she received. Her faith is so strong and Heavenly Father was able to perform a miracle for their family. 

One day this week, we had a really tough time. It was the hottest day of our lives, no one would give us the time of day to even share for a few minutes with them, we walked for hours and hours and were feeling a little discouraged. But Heavenly Father recognized our efforts and because He loves us so much, blessed us with a tender mercy at the end of the day. We went to visit a couple investigators we have that live at a boarding house-- college students. Mark was there and so happy to see us. We ended up having this really awesome lesson with him and learned a lot about him. It was so cool. We talked about tithing and Sister Moser shared this really awesome experience from her last area about a family who was soooo poor and saw so many blessings in their life from paying their tithing. Then Mark shared all about his family and what it was like growing up in really meager circumstances. The Spirit was so strong in that lesson. And then, after we ended the lesson, Mark got out his guitar and he and his friend, who joined half way through our lesson, played and sang this song for us on the guitar. It was so beautiful and even though it was in Tagalog, they explained to us in Ilonggo what it was about. The song was all about God and His love for us and how we just need to trust Him. I don't really know how to describe how I felt. Heavenly Father knew that we had had a difficult day. He also knows that both Sister Moser and I love music. Mark had never played for us before in any lesson, but he did that night and the whole experience with the amazing spirit in his lesson and then the spirit of joy that was brought by the song, just made us both feel so blessed, so taken care of and so happy. 

To go along with that, we had a few other experiences later that week with music and singing hymns. Sister Moser and I both love to sing and both feel the spirit really powerfully through music and so we decided to try sharing that in some of our lessons. They ended up being the most uplifting, spiritual experiences where the Spirit was able to teach and testify to those we were teaching through the hymns we sang for them. I know that Heavenly Father has blessed us each with the gifts we have for a reason and we are expected to use them to glorify Him! What a blessing! 

I love the gospel so much! I know that Heaven;y Father loves and cares about each one of you so much! more than you know. He wants you to be happy and will help you find happiness if you strive to do what's right. 

Before I end, one little funny thing that happened this week-so there are these water pumps everywhere "bomba", where people shower, wash dishes, fetch water, brush their teeth...everything. And they are just out in the open so you pass by them all the time. One day this week we were walking to an appointment and passed by this bomba with a tall Filipino man covered completely, from head to toe, in soap. He had little red underpants on and that was it. He had soap all over his face too. He was right in our path, so Sister Moser said hi to him and he tried to mumble something back. I got two steps passed him and just busted up laughing. It's more fun in the Philippines!

Love you all! Keep strong!
Love, Sister Malyon    


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