Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 27 in the Philippines - "love"

This week has been pretty crazy! It's fiesta this week! It's called the Sinigayan festival. It officially started yesterday with the parade and ends tomorrow, but people started setting up their stands to sell stuff a couple weeks ago. This road that we walk along just about everyday, in our area, got decked out with booths set up all along the sides of it. It looks completely different and it's kind of fun to have a change:) The other day we were visiting our far area, Bulanon, and we had to stop walking because they were practicing their dance that they are performing for the festival. They were in the street and so we stopped and watched for a few minutes. It was so neat! The dancing was so awesome and the music was a group of guys playing these big drums. 

We did have a baptism this week! It was so wonderful. Sister Pamela's two grandkids, Cyrell and March, got baptized! Their mom came, which was soooo awesome. She has never been to church before and they were both so happy when she showed up at the baptism. Sister Pamela gave a beauitful talk. She shared a scripture about baptism and then talked about her experience getting baptized. She bore her testimony of the church and the power of prayer and how she knows that more and more of her family will keep joining the church because she prays for them everyday. She got really emotional and the spirit was just so strong. I love her and her family so much. They are amazing. Cyrell and March's older sister, Welche, left to go with some of the youth on a temple trip yesterday! I'm so excited for her and one of our other recent converts got to go as well! Shiela mae:)

I'm attaching some pictures of my birthday! It was sooo much fun! They spoiled me! We went to this brand new restaurant for lunch and then a couple hours later, the neighbor's invited us over to eat the goat they killed because it was our neighbor's birthday too! So I got to eat goat, with lots of hair that didn't get cleaned off, for my birthday! :) It was soooooo sweet of them and the goat was actually quite tasty:) My cute housemates were so sweet and got my little presents and bought me a cake and ice cream. Sister Parada made a "pin the nametag on sister malyon" game that we played too. They are the best! Also in the evening, some ward members surprised me! Sister Fanny made me this big cake with my name on it and everything. We got to end the night having an FHE with shielamae's family and we watched Finding Faith with them. I will definitely never forget this birthday!
"pin the nametag on sister malyon" game
"Sis. Fanny made this big cake with my name on it and everything"
Oh my goodness, I almost forgot. I have to tell you a chicken story from this week. So we were at Sister Pamela's house and we were sitting down at the table. Sister Parada warned me that there were some chickens behind me. I tried to just ignore them and not think about them. We were eating dinner. Then they got closer and I saw two of them out of the corner of my eye crreeping up right beside me. Then! One of them jumped up on the table right next to my plate! That was too much so I stood up and walked away from the table. Apparently the chicken got startled and tried following me. It jumped on my plate and then flew right into Sister Parada's face! His foot/claw/toenail scratched her on the cheek! Oh my goodness I felt really bad, but everyone was just laughing because it was actually pretty funny. Oh man alive. Poor Sister Parada has to deal with me...sorry!

Well, things are going great! I love being a missionary! I love all of you! I know this is the only true church on the earth and it's so wonderful to get to share the beautiful message fo the gospel with others. 

Love you all soooo much! 

Love, Sister Malyon

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