Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 29 in the Philippines - "changes!"

I'm doing great! Lots of changes this week, but I guess that's what
keeps things exciting and me growing! Sister Parada got transferred
and my new companion has been in the field for one month, so I'm
continuing her training. I can't believe I'm training! I still feel
like I'm a newbee, but it's fun:) 

Sister Davenport is her name and
she's actually from Vancouver WA, so that's cool. She's 19, but did a
semester at BYU before coming. Also, she's vegetarian. I guess it was
meant to be for us to be companions:) It's kind of fun and funny to be
with a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed companion who's all ready to work
and reminds me of what it was like when everything was brand new.
She's super cute! 

Also, Sister Shakespeare got transferred this week,
my housemate who has been here in Sagay as long as I have. I'm missing
her and Sister Parada a lot, but it's all good. It's exciting to have
change and get to know some new awesome sisters! 

We had miracles happen yesterday! Heavenly Father led us exactly to
the people he needed us to stop by and visit and remind to go to
church, before going to church. Every single person we stopped by to
remind to come to church, came. It was amazing. We went first to
Jovalyn K (there's 2 Jovalyn's:) and she said she couldn't go to
church because she didn't have money. When we suggested she go with
the neighbor again like last time, who are members, she said she was
too shy. So then we went and talked to the neighbors and went back to
tell her she could go with them and she did! 

Then later we saw another
Jovalyn, which was a blessing we even saw her because she was driving
her sikad, and we reminded her to come to church. She said she would
stop by with her son because she drives her sikad in town, by the
church. She hasn't been to church in a long time, she came once
before, before she started working. We've been teaching her for a
while now. During sacrament meeting, my head was down for a
confirmation blessing and when I looked up after it was done, I saw
her and her son in the second row! It brought the biggest smile to my
face and made me sooo happy to see them there! I'm so glad that they
weren't shy and just came in even though they were late and didn't
have church clothes on. It seriously made my day. 

Also, Sister Risa looked so cute yesterday! She wore a skirt for the
first time! She works for this really awesome family and takes care of
their son. We taught her once before but then didn't get to see her
for a while. She's been going to church with this family for a long
time now. We finally got to teach her again this week and it went so
well. She's totally been prepared and I'm so excited for her! The
family she works for is hoping she be able to go to the temple with
them in April, so we're trying to make sure she'll be prepared and
ready for baptism on April 12th! 

It's summer here! All of the kids are out of school now until May, I
think. It's soooooooo HOT!!!! Seriously, it's so hot. Like, it's been
hot since day one, don't get me wrong, but it just rose to a new
level. I'm praying it doesn't get any worse cuz it's crazy. I have
this sweat rag that I carry everywhere and after one day, it just
smells so bad and is all gross. hahaha probably too many details. It's
hard too because everyone just sleeps when it's hot haha. I don't
blame them...but we're so blessed to be in such an awesome area with
so many prepared people for the gospel. 

I love this work! I'm so
grateful to be here. I love all of you so much and seriously thank you
so much for all of your support and prayers and love. It means the
world to me! 

Keep looking up and you'll see all kinds of awesome

Love love love,

Sister Malyon

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