Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 38 in the Philippines - "power of God"

How's everyone? I can't believe Kels is headed off for New York! That's sooo exciting! And I love reading the updates from the crazy kids traveling around South America! Wow, our family is so adventurous. so awesome. I'm sure mom's like, "Why did I ever take my family to live overseas????" haha That was the best decision ever!:) 

Well, this week was pretty amazing. It's going to be really hard for me to describe it. So it started off last Monday when I received a comfort blessing. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Don't worry, I'm totally fine:) I was just struggling with some things, getting down on myself and things like that. I was a little shy about asking someone else for a blessing because I've never had one from anyone other than Dad! But it was all good haha. It was actually amazing because the Elder started out in the blessing by saying that I needed to know that the blessing was coming directly from my Heavenly Father. The whole time he was giving the blessing, I truly felt that the words were directly from my Father in Heaven, He was talking to me so directly, right to me. He told me about myself, what I need to do to improve, about our companionship and the blessings He has in store for me and for our companionship. It was so incredible. In fact, the blessing wasn't just for me, but for Sister Moser too, for both of us. She really felt that way too. I learned so much from this blessing and it set the stage for the rest of this amazing week. We felt a change in our attitude, in our countenances this past week. We felt so much more excited about sharing the gospel! 

First of all, I felt Heavenly Father's love for me sooooo strongly. I kept feeling of this love He has for me all through the week and for Sister Moser too. I also felt an increase amount of love for Sister Moser, which I didn't know was really possible haha, and for just everyone! It was so wonderful to feel that charity for others, which came as a result from me really knowing of Heavenly Father's love for me, Sister Malyon. This love led to us just opening our mouths so much more this week and talking to everyone! We found so many new investigators and met so many awesome people this week. I just want to bear my testimony to you that Heavenly Father truly is there for you no matter what. He loves you for who you are. He does not want you to try to become like anyone else, except for our Savior, but at the same time, He loves you for who you are and just wants for you to be happy. Becoming like Jesus Christ will bring you the most happiness. Heavenly Father has blessed each one of us with talents, skills, and gifts that we are to use to help bless others and build up His kingdom. We have inherited personality traits, characteristics and divine qualities from our Heavenly parents because we are literally their children! Embrace them! And keep developing them! :) That's what I'm learning about and just wanted to share because I love all of you!  

Second of all, my testimony and appreciation and gratitude for the Priesthood grew so much. It truly is so amazing that I could receive a blessing where through a worthy Priesthood holder, Heavenly Father could speak directly to me and have me hear and feel things that gave me strength, comfort, hope and excitement. It set the theme for the week of talking about the priesthood a lot in our lessons. With the emphasis on strengthening families, by focusing on the head of the household, we talked a lot about the responsibilities and blessing of the priesthood with fathers. In one of our lessons, we had this really neat experience. We went to teach our baptismal candidate, Brother Gerald. He's 16 and has been coming to church for a while now with his cousins. We started teaching his whole family a few weeks ago and now it's so cool because they always join in. One lesson we had this week for Brother Gerald, was on the priesthood. his parents joined and his dad was especially interested. He kept bringing up healing blessings, not really sure why. As we started tying in the priesthood to specifically his(the dad) personal potential to be a priesthood holder and bless his whole family, he started crying. It totally caught us off guard. Up to now, he's kind of been stand-offish, acting like he doesn't really take us, and what we've been teaching too seriously, but then this happened! He got super shy and embarrassed for being emotional and crying. He closed up, but the one thing he got out was just that some of his deepest thoughts had been touched. We told him it was the Holy Ghost! :) It really was a super cool experience and we see such potential in their family! 

We were sad though that Gerald's parents didn't end up coming to his baptism:( but the baptism was so good! Brother Gerald is so great. He had all his friends there to support him and when he bore his testimony, Sister Moser and I could just see that he's a future missionary and he is leading the way for his family! 

I love the gospel so much. I know that we are such important instruments, each one of us!, in moving His work forward in these last days. We gotta do all we can to help prepare the world for Christ's Second Coming! Let's help there be more righteous, strong people ready to receive Him when He comes. I love you all so much and feel so blessed and strengthened by your love, prayers and examples to me. I hope and pray you are all doing so great-feeling God's love for you as well:) 

Love, Sister Malyon

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