Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 40 in the Philippines - "diin kamo?"

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so blessed to have the most incredible, supportive, loving father in the whole wide world! And the best grandpas ever!!!!! Thank you so much for all that you do for me! You are all such amazing examples in my life and have blessed me in so many ways. 

Well, we had Zone Conference this week, so we got to go back to the Mission Home. The minute we stepped inside, our zone leader asked me to do the musical number and then I turned to see my name up on the projector next to "Faith in Jesus Christ". awesome. man alive I am learning how to try and control my nerves and stress on the mission! haha And how to trust in the Lord big time, all the time. Trusting in Him is what gives me confidence:) 

Luckily Sis Moser grabbed some music before we left the house just in case, so we did "Where can I Turn for Peace?" Sis Moser played and I sang. It turned out pretty well and the Spirit was there, which is all that matters!:) Then later in the training, 6 of us had to give 3 minute talks in Illonggo for Lesson 3 and mine was on faith. 

Guess what? Sister Shakespeare was there!!!! One of my closest friends on the mission who lived in the same house with me in Sagay. It was soooooooo fun to see her! Her zone, Sipalay was with our zone for the conference. She goes home soon so it was so good to see her before she goes home. 

This week, Sister Moser and I have really been focusing on having more love for everyone! You know the spiritual fast we told you about? So we each have a list of ten things that we have given up. My list has things like getting irritated with people, unrighteously judging others, fear of talking to people... and this week I really realized that as I focus on having more, praying for more, love for every single person, everything else on my list becomes easier! If I have love for people, I don't get annoyed with them or judge them and I have a desire to open my mouth and talk to them about the gospel! It's the best feeling ever:) Obviously I still have so much to work on but it seriously all goes back to LOVE. (right jaim?;) This love has helped with feeling more compassion and being more understanding, asking more questions to get to know people...etc. 

Speaking of love, we have this new investigator that we just love sooooo much ! Her name is Rosalie and we met her one time on our way to visit a LA family because Sis Moser just started talking to her. We taught her yesterday about the Book of Mormon and when we reviewed the restoration she remembered and understood it all so well. She said that with all the different churches and missionaries she has heard from, our message is different. She was so excited about the Book of Mormon, especially when we told her that she got to keep it:) and said she really does hope that it helps her and her family like we promised. Her husband works in Saudi and she has these three adorable boys. She showed us a picture of the three of them when they had long hair and they seriously looked like girls! Their hair all used to be way long! The oldest boy, Vince is 9 and he left like one chunk of hair in the back that hangs down and the rest is short. so awesome. Have I ever told you that Jonnypots style of super short hair on the bottom and then lots of hair on top is super popular with boys here? pots would fit in:)

Last night, after our Preach My Gospel class, we went with all the ward missionaries to visit Bishop Pineda, the sweet brother who has an illness that makes him all shaky. Before we left, it started dumping down super hard rain and then the power went out haha. So we used our flashlight to find black garbage bags in the church and each person put one on to keep dry and then we all went out in the rain to the Pineda family. We looked like the funniest group in the world, all walking together in the rain in our black garbage bags. We then sang the Army of Helaman medley for the Pineda family. Oh goodness, it was quite the musical number. Half the group is tone deaf, but it was great:) I love this ward so much. We have the awesomest ward missionaries that work with us! Missionary work is just the best:)

I love you all! Happy Father's day liwat! 

Love, Sister Malyon     

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