Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 44 in the Philippines - "bag-o"

Well, the life of a missionary is just full of surprises. Transfer day was two weeks ago and we thought we were safe. but no. The APs called yesterday to tell us that Sis Moser was transferring:( Oh man. I love that girl so much. It was so hard saying good-bye to her this morning! She will be a life-long friend, for sure. But now I just got a new companion! Her name is Sister Javier and she is so cute! She's from Luzon area, filipina. 

Anyways, thank you so much for the package!!!!!!! Mom is the best:) It came at perfect timing, because the other night, we had some time at the chapel and played the new songs together before Sister Moser got transferred. So thank you so much! I'm gonna miss playing and performing music with her so much!  

Something really exciting happened this week! We started a new group out in our far area and had our first special Sacrament Meeting yesterday! We met in the home of a former bishop and had about 45 people attend! It was such a success. We are so excited because it's so much closer to the majority of our investigators and so we have so much hope now that this will really help our area progress. We also had a couple less-actives come yesterday as well and two of our investigators, one of which is Nanette. Oh my goodness, we love Sister Nanette so much! She is the cutest sister ever. One time when we visited her this past week, we had this really awesome lesson with her about the Sabbath day and then we told her how much we love her and God loves her. The Spirit was so strong and the three of us felt so much love! I don't really know how to explain how special of an experience it was. 

Also yesterday, the bishop asked us to visit the Ma-ao group, which is another group that started a few months ago, under our ward but in a far area. The elders are the only thing keeping it together. They've been kind of struggling. But we got to go visit their cute little group yesterday and be the sacrament speakers. There were only about 15 people or so and it kind of reminded me of Switzerland! Remember our adorable, tiny branch? It was so close and personal. The elders conducted, blessed and passed the sacrament and taught gospel principles. But even though it was so tiny, the spirit was seriously so strong. It's so amazing to see the church spreading all over, becoming more accessible to so many more people!

 Us with Sister Estherlyn, who is getting baptized on July 26th and her cute daughter, Sweet, and her mom, a member, Sister Linda. We love them sooooooo much!!!!!

Sister Bing Bing!!!! She is a lifelong ward missionary-all the missionaries know her:) She's so funny and we love her so much! She taught us how to make banana q the other day after working with us:)

I love this work and the gospel of Jesus Christ! We are so blessed to know what we know and to have what we have. I love you all soooo much! Keeo shining your light! Love you!!!

Love, Sister Malyon

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