Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 46 in the Philippines - "when you believe"

Oh my goodness this week was amazing. But first, how are all of you? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAMILLE!!!! Sorry I'm late. I am so sorry. Don't worry! I have not forgotten about you cutie pies! And Jonnypots birthday is this week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY POTS! Wow, Kamillie is 16, driving and Pots is turning 18????!!!!! I can't believe it. 

Well, this week was seriously amazing. So our biggest problem since I've been in Bago has been getting people to church and every Sunday is an opportunity to exercise my faith -- and it has been tested over and over and over again;) But this week we got to see a miracle! So last Thursday, we worked in the farthest area we've reached, Batang, and our WM, Oliver, is from there so he came with us. He asked is we could visit his brother who is not a member. So of course we were excited to! We ended up teaching his brother, Angelo and 2 of his friends. 

Then this week we went back and for the second visit, Angelo brought even more of his friends! There were 8 of them who all listened to our message. They were so awesome. And then we came back on Saturday and taught their individual families. Then 5 of them, Angelo and 4 of his friends all came to church yesterday!!!!! They are all teenager/early 20s. It was soooo amazing! They came after only being visited 3 times! We set their baptismal date for Sept 6, so hopefully they all keep coming to church and progressing! We see so much potential in them as future missionaries and leaders:) It's sooo exciting. Oh man, the power of members is amazing. Brother Oliver has been so key in helping his friends and family come to the gospel. We got to teach his older sister this week too! His mom and two brothers are the only members so far in their family and so the goal is for all of them to join!!!!

We ended up having 8 investigators at church this week, which was a miracle. And we had a baptism yesterday!!!!!! I sent you a picture from her baptism. Isn't she just so beautiful??? I love Sister Estherlyn so much! The baptismal service was so sacred and special. She bore such a beautiful testimony and shared how Satan had been testing her to keep her from getting baptized, but she felt the strength of the Lord help her work through the challenges that came. She said as soon as she came out of the water, she felt so much lighter and at peace. The Spirit was so strong. I sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" for the musical number. It was such a special day! They were so sweet and Sister Estherlyn invited us and a couple sister ward missionaries who visit her with us, over for dinner last night. 

 This is me with sister Rhofa. She's the most amazing ward missionary ever! I love her sooo much! We are in Batang, Napoles in this picture--the farthest away part of our area we've been to so far. It's so beautiful! Those are rice fields behind us (thanks so much for my fave new purple skirt! I love it!)

 My cute companion Sister Javier!

Sister Bitter (red), Sister Moser and I started Friday salsa day back when Sister Moser was here, so we've kept the tradition! Haha The Filippinas think it's so rice haha. Sister Bitter has become one of my best friends on the mission. I'm super sad she's going home the end of this transfer:( Sister Tampos is sooo cute, seriously the cutest person you'll ever meet.

Sister Estherlyn got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so amazing. She told us this week about how much she has changed since learning about the church. It's so awesome because I've been able to see and teach her throughout the whole process and watch the miracle of conversion. She is so amazing. I love her and her adorable daughter, Sweet, sooo much!

I love this gospel so much! Miracles happen everyday! Heavenly Father is sooo involved in our lives. 

I love you all tons and tons!

Love, Sister Malyon

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