Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 45 in the Philippines - "Sister Javier!"

Oh my goodness. Much better. I started writing your email, but couldn't think straight because I had to go to the bathroom so bad. I had this idea in my mind that they probably didn't have a bathroom here, so I'd have to hold it. But luckily they had one:) so all is good. 

Anyway, thank you so much for the package again this week!!!! Oh my goodness. I have the absolutely best family in the world! I loved seeing the pictures of all of you cutie bums! You all look so grown up and different! Josh has a weird lookin beard thing goin're all so cute! I'm glad Grandpa had such a great birthday!!! He looked so happy! Oh man. I sure miss you, BUT at least I know I'll get to see you all again and I also know that Heavenly Father is taking care of all of you! Thanks for always being so supportive of me and of missionary work. It's the best. So, I was going to send you pictures so you could see my new cute companion, but this computer won't recognize my card reader. I am so sorry. Next week!Oh!Also, I absolutely love my new blue skirt! And the treats! That was heaven. Thank you a million times!

Sister Javier is my new companion and she is so cute! She is from Luzon area and is such an amazing missionary. She's been out longer than I have and is teaching me soooo much! We have been working our bums off and our key indicators were so high this week! I thought I was working hard before, but she's been pushing me to a new level! Not just with working hard, but with being obedient as well. I thought I was obedient before! I have realized this week how much more I have to work on and improve on. It's been hard (seeing your weaknesses and faults is always hard), but so good. It's exciting to realize things you can improve on and to push yourself to a higher level! 

Yesterday, we did member exchanges for church and Sister Javier attended Bago chapel and I went to the new group out in Pulang Duta. On the way, our stake leader that's overseeing our new group, asked me to teach Gospel Principle, which means teaching everyone the first hour of church. We have Sacrament Meeting the second hour. I was soooo nervous! You would think at this point in my mission, things like this wouldn't get me all nervous, but it still does! I was praying so hard for the Spirit to guide and for help with the lesson. Due to the Spirit, answer to prayer, and the awesome participation of the sweet members in Pulang Duta, the lesson went really well. We talked about the scriptures and everyone gave such good input and I learned so much. The spirit was so strong and I felt so much love for those faithful members at church. At the end, as I was bearing my testimony of the importance of studying the scriptures every single day, the Spirit bore such a powerful witness to me of how true that is. 

I shared with them how before the mission, I just read because I felt like I should, but how since being on the mission, I have felt the power that comes from really studying the scriptures every morning. It's such an amazing way to start off each day! I always feel like the hour of personal study is too short! It's so crazy. I just want you all to know that I have a testimony of the amazing gift the scriptures are for us. I truly believe that they are our protection for everything that comes our way each day. Satan is working so hard to bring us down and he knows our weaknesses so well, but we have the scriptures, which guide us, remind us of the bigger perspective and invite the Spirit to be with us always. 

It's most definitely rainy season now! We have storms all the time! The rain pours down so crazy hard. It blows my mind that there is so much precipitation that can come out of the clouds at one time. It's sooo loud too! And sooo muddy:) It's super fun. Don't worry. haha The other day, we were out working and we had two awesome members with us, Sister Siasone and Brother Oliver. As we were walking through the mud, well trying our best to avoid the worst muddy holes and puddles, a branch caught on my bag and I lost my balancing, landing my feet in this big, gross, muddy hole. My shoe got stuck as I stepped out! Brother Oliver got it out for me, which was very kind. I was laughing so hard. Luckily there was a bomba (the water pump), close by;). It's more fun in the Philippines!!!! 

Remember me talking about Sister Estherlyn? Well, she's finally getting baptized this Sunday! We are sooo excited for her! She wanted to get baptized on her mom's birthday as a special gift for her haha. Her mom is a member. This week, we've been visiting her a lot and one night, Sister Bing bing, I can't remember if I've sent you a picture of her yet haha she is so cute and so funny. Anyway, Sister Bing was with us. At the end of the lesson, Estherlyn's daughter, Sweet, was going to pray and Estherlyn told her that Sister Bing would help her. So she did the repeat after me thing. But Sister Bing is so hard to understand, she kind of mumbles, so the whole prayer, Sister Bing would say something, wait, SIster Sweet would say "What?" and then Sister Bing would repeat it and then Sweet would try to copy as best she could. I was trying so hard not to bust up laughing during the prayer. Oh man. I just wish you could all be here! These experiences are probably not nearly as funny without being there and knowing these funny, awesome people! 

Well, I sure do love all of you soooo much!!!! Hope you're loving your summer!!!! The Church is true! We are so blessed to be members of the only true church on the earth!

Love you!

Sister Malyon


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