Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 57 in the Philippines - "madugang"

So I accidentally broke a mission rule and put a child on my lap, so don't post this pic anywhere, but I just had to show you these beautiful people! So on the left side are JR and Marynol. Marynol is our investigator, but they need to get married in order for her to get baptized, so that's what we're working on! She comes to church pretty much very week though and they are such a cute couple! On the right side is Russian(yeah that's her name:) with her "husband", Darryl. They need to get married too. But we just recently started teaching Darryl and he is so amazing! Russian and JR are both members. Darryl told us this week that he knows God has a purpose for him because he's on his third life. He's been in two crazy accidents where he should have died. He has totally been prepared! 

This is our silly Binalbagan zone! Back to the bukid zones where there are way more elders than sisters haha.

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