Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 59 in the Philippines - "part 1"

Hey Family!

This week was so amazing! Full of so many miracles! The most wonderful miracle of the week was the baptism of Jerry Espinosa:) It was soo amazing. So the Espinosa family is this awesome family that we're super close to now. We love them so much! The oldest daughter, Jane, was the first to get baptized back when she was a little girl. Then her older brother, Jeno, got baptized and they were the only members for a while. Their mom came back home from working in Manila earlier this year and got baptized in September, Sister Nory, and then Brother Jerry, the dad, just finally got baptized yesterday! He had actually been taught for a really long time, but something held him back from accepting baptism. The whole family was soo overjoyed that he finally fully accepted the gospel with them:) Sister Jane gave a talk at his baptism and when she was bearing her testimony, she got so
emotional talking about her dad and how excited she is now for their family to prepare to go to the temple to be sealed together! Brother Jeno got to baptize and confirm his father (his first time doing a confirmation!) and Sister Nory was the happiest person you have ever seen witnessing her husband enter the waters of baptism. Brother Jerry gave such a tender, sincere testimony that brought the Spirit so strong into the service. He bore his testimony of how much he knows this church is true and how he should've accepted it a long time ago. He talked of how grateful he is that the missionaries never gave up, never stopped teaching him and his family. He got all emotional while he was bearing his testimony, which was a side of him we've never seen and I'm pretty sure rarely comes out (he's one of those people where it's really hard to tell what they're feeling, doesn't show his emotions normally). Just overall the baptism was sooo wonderful!

Yesterday was such an amazing day! We had our special sacrament in Sua and so many people came and Sister Rhodora gave this awesome talk about love and our less-active member, Brother Dorio, we've been visiting for so long now, finally came for the first time! And one of our investigators, who referred us to her sister this past week, came with her sister to church and they brought their niece. We ended up having so many investigators and it was just so beautiful:) The Lord truly is hastening His work!!!! So the second picture is our cute Sua group

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