Monday, October 14, 2013

Week Five in the Philippines - "Conference"

Hi my wonderful family and friends! 

Conference was sooo awesome! I loved it! We got to watch it this weekend with our stake and it was just so great. I definitely got re-energized spiritually and uplifted and felt so much support as a missionary! It's so humbling and incredible to hear them pray for the missionaries in General Conference and realize that's me! I'm blessed to be here and to be a part of Gods work at this time here in Bacolod. SO blessed. 

How is everyone? What's the family mission plan? I'm excited to see it! I loved all the things they said about missionary work! Yay! I'm grateful for your awesome desire to be a part of the work and share this incredible gospel with anyone you can. Members working together with the missionaries does wonders and truly brings miracles. I'm grateful for the talks about that. We actually are trying to get the members here to get more involved as well. How are you all doing? Did you feel uplifted and encouraged by Conference to keep pressing forward, like I did? 

One talk I really loved was by Elder Dube who talked about always looking forward and pressing forward. It's so important to make goals and I love that we have a mission vision that I need to always remember to focus on and work towards in faith. It's okay that sometimes we have set-backs and weeks that aren't as good as others, as long as we keep moving forward, striving to continually improve and rely on the Savior for strength. I liked how he said that faith is always pointing towards the future. 

I thought of Kels during the talk by Elder Christofferson. Wasn't it awesome!? I love how he said that men and women have differences that when brought together create a greater whole. He put it so beautifully. We all have talents and characteristics that are needed in building strong families. I also loved President Monson, of course and how lovingly he spoke to us, as always. I really loved his message of the Savior's love for us and reminder that He has promises that "I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee." It's so true that Christ is ALWAYS there for us. He wants to help us much more than we realize! He will be our strength. 

We actually visited this sweet lady, Sister Nita, I can't remember if I already told you about her. But her husband just recently died. We visited her the other day and shared that same message with her that Christ promises to never forget us.

There are just some of my thoughts from Conference. I wish I could share much more and hear about all of your thoughts! It was so great. It was really fun to experience watching Conference here in the Philippines. Whenever the choir sang a song everyone knew, there are certain hymns that are favorites here, everyone watching would sing a long. hahahaha, not just the congregational hymn. During Love At Home sung by the choir, this girl offered to share her hymn book with me. I just thought it was so funny. Everyone also kept laughing at people it would zoom up on in the family choir on Saturday. Everyone burst out laughing when it showed the yawning little boy and then the old man that was shaking and closing his eyes while singing. The people laugh a lot here. It's so great:) It reminded me of funny things in sacrament meeting in Uganda. 

Another funny thing that happened this week...or two. So we're teaching this sister who lives in Sibucao, which is this little fishing village. Earlier this week, we were teaching her outside and there were tons of chickens and little chicks everywhere. awesome right? so it was actually not awesome because it was really hard for me to focus! Especially while we were praying, I was freaking out that while I wasn't looking, a chicken would touch me or peck me or something! I felt so bad about it to Heavenly Father. I really need help. Then, the next time we went to teach this lady, her baby peed on her lap right in the middle of the lesson. She tried to ignore it at first and keep listening, but then started laughing a little so we all just started laughing and she kind of cleaned it up. Don't worry, we were able to get the spirit back:) the power of bearing testimony.

I need to tell you about this one home we teach in. They are the best. So Sister Polgo is this member who lets us teach in her home. We have a bunch of recent converts we teach in her home and a couple investigators. I love them so much. MaryJoy and her son Jonfren are recent converts and they're awesome. Jonfren's cousin, Klay-Klay is also a recent convert and Annamae who was baptized when we first got here. We get to teach some of their friends sometimes, which is great. But they are probably my favorite place to go to because they are always so happy and so much fun and their community is super close and knows us well. I love them lots. 

We also are teaching this new family that I'm excited about! This work is awesome! I love it! I'm so grateful for all of your support and prayers and love. I'm also so grateful for Christ's constant help and for being and giving me the strength I need to do His work. His atonement is what makes that possible and I'm very grateful for it. We are so blessed! I love you all soooo much! You are all amazing and God loves you each individually sooo much! 

Love, Sister Malyon

P.S. Happy Masskara Festival and Merry Christmas! They start getting ready for Christmas once the "ber" months start. hahahahaha

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