Monday, October 21, 2013

Week Six in the Philippines - "masskara"

Hey family and friends! 

We had a baptism this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!! OH my goodness it was the greatest thing ever. Two boys that we've been teaching since the first week I got here, got baptized on Saturday. They're names are Kyle and Heaven. Kyle's 11 and Heaven is 13, yes Heaven, not Kevin:) that's what we thought at first too...They are cousins and their uncle, who referred them to us, is Rodney and he's a Recent convert, who is awesome and so involved and active. I love these boys so much! They are such good boys and I have seen them progress as we've taught them the gospel, in more ways than one. Heaven has a speech impediment and I've been able to see his confidence grow as we've been teaching Him and the Spirit has been working through him. I'm also gradually starting to understand him better. They are both so smart and so cute!

Last week, we had to have them meet with our District Leader for their baptismal interview and so the night before we told them when and where to meet us. Kyle was the only one there so we had to trust him to relay the information to Heaven and Rodney, to get them there. I was a little doubtful that they would show up, but I had to repent for my lack of faith! They showed up right on time! They also came super early for their baptism on Saturday and both of the boys and Rodney, who baptized them, dressed in the white jumpsuits right away, like 40 minutes before the baptism started:) Just so you can picture how awesome they are. 

I loved when they bore their testimonies after being baptized! Kyle talked about how he's become a better boy from the gospel. Then he got really shy and ended his testimony really fast:) The gospel is so awesome! I'm so excited for Heaven and Kyle to get to grow up in the church, pretty much, and have such awesome influences on their families and friends. I'm so grateful for the Young Men in our ward that have reached out and befriended them. It makes a world of difference! I love this gospel so much!

Anyways, I was just so excited to share that. How are you all? Yes, I'm safe. On Monday morning, while we were doing personal study, the ground started shaking and I looked at Sis. Livingston and asked her if it was an earthquake. haha It lasted like a whole minute, but we just stayed sitting in our chairs because it was not hard at all. I'm so glad that Pres. Lopez keeps you posted:) He's the best. The epicenter I guess was in Bohol and it was a pretty huge earthquake. I feel blessed that no one here was affected or hurt.
We had Mission Tour this week, which was amazing. The area president, Elder Nielson and his cute wife came. It was so great. I learned so much and was uplifted and encouraged and reminded of how awesome this work is! 

We've been studying, in prep for Mission Tour, the talk by Elder Bednar called "In the Strength of the Lord". It's the best talk ever! I read it like at least 5 times and learned so much every single time! One thing I learned was that the Atonement truly makes everything right in the world. Everything unequal and unfair about life is made right through the Atonement because Christ suffered for EVERY single person. We are all given the opportunity to repent and receive strength from Christ through the atonement. The talk focused on the enabling power of the Atonement. We often focus on the redeeming power of the Atonement, but these two powers are so important and help us become like our Savior. The enabling power of the Atonement is what gives 86 year old Pres. Monson and 91 year old Elder Perry do what they need to do! Can you believe how old they are!? They don't seem like it.

You should check out the video clips on They're so awesome! Thanks for all you're doing to help the work move forward! I love that you wrote your testimonies of the Book of Mormon to give the missionaries and that you fasted for missionary opportunities and that's so awesome about all the investigators coming to church. Thanks for reaching out to them and making them feel comfortable. I know the missionaries appreciate you sooo much! 

 I spoke in church yesterday! We have Relief Society/Elder's Quorum, then Sunday school and then Sacrament Meeting and so they asked me to speak right before Sunday School. So I truly relied on the spirit to know what to say! I'm learning so much every day...:)

One funny thing to leave you with...they LOVE Karaoke here!!!! It's so funny! everywhere you hear people trying to sing along to these blasting songs. Goodness. it's pretty hilarious. They're all really good at singing......not. hahahaha It's great.

Well I love you and stay strong! Keeping holding onto the faith you already have! God loves you so much and He hears every single prayer you offer. He LOVES hearing from you because you are His divine heir!

Love, Sister Malyon 

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