Monday, October 7, 2013

Week Four in the Philippines - "love"

This week I thought about dad a little bit and his experience as a convert. We have this investigator, Roldan, whose 23 and super smart. At his lesson this week, we asked about his reading and he said he's been comparing the Bible and Book of Mormon and has found so many similarities. He proceeded to tell us about how in both it talks about the scattering and then the gathering of Israel and how he read John 10, the scripture mastery about other sheep I have that are not of this fold. He recognized that the Book of Mormon fulfills that scripture. He's so smart and was basically teaching us! I just thought about dad and how you were seeking truth, just like Roldan, and you are both so smart and desire to learn. I was imagining how much the gospel will bless Roldan's life and his future family, just like it has blessed dad's life and ultimately my life and our whole family so much.

We had Zone training this week, which was good. I learned a lot from our ZL's and our STL's (sister training leaders). Then after that, we had exchanges. So one of the STL's, Sister Martinez, came with me to my area and Sister Livingston went to their area. I loved exchanges. I was super nervous about leading my area, but it was actually really awesome to get that opportunity. I had to step it up and lead us to each appointment and start lessons and things like that. I was a lot more involved, but she helped a lot. 

Sister Martinez goes home soon and is the kind of missionary I want to be! She's fluent in the language and so comfortable just talking to EVERYONE and she makes people feel comfortable around her and she shares the gospel with everyone. It was neat to see her example and work with her for a day. I had to keep in perspective that I've still only been here a few weeks and still have so much to learn, but it will come. Sister Martinez taught me the importance of really loving people and being flexible so that you are okay with doing unexpected/unplanned teaching all the time. 

We actually visited, unplanned, this lady who's husband just passed away. He was an investigator that was supposed to get baptized, but he ended up passing away from health problems. She had been opposed to the church, but when we visited her, it seemed like her heart had been softened. We just had a short prayer meeting with her. That's where we offer them a prayer and we basically just tried to comfort her. I really felt the spirit and I'm excited to keep visiting her! I know that the gospel is what brings the greatest peace in life.

The next day, after doing studies together, we switched back companions. We rode out to Silay, the STL sister's area, to switch back. Their area is a little farther out from the city and so beautiful! As we were riding away from the city, I was just amazed at the beauty. 

It was pretty beautiful one evening as we were proselyting in Sibucao, which is like a little fishing town right on the water, we ended up talking to a big group of children right on the water. They all gathered around and we prayed with them and shared about how God is our loving Father in Heaven. I love children! They have that light in their eyes and innocence and closeness to God that it so precious. It was a pretty incredible moment.

We found out that Elder Anderson is coming to visit our mission! He's coming November 2nd!!!!! I'm super excited!  I love the church and our awesome leaders.

Well, the ward's great! We had ward missionaries work with us this week, which was super nice. The bishopric bought us lunch one day, which was also really nice.I am being taken care of, don't worry. I love my companion and the other sisters we live with and everyone we're teaching! This work is the best! 

I love my Savior so much. I love that God is so involved in our lives. I am learning to trust in Him  because He knows His children perfectly, and I don't. I need Him and His direction. He loves each one of you and wants for you to be happy. I know that's true with all my heart. He cares about you and everything you care about. Talk to Him! It's the best!

I love you all! Keep doing those little things that gradually bring you closer and closer to God and more and more like Him. I know He will bless you!
Love, Sister Malyon    

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