Monday, September 15, 2014

week 53 in the Phillipines - pictures

Finally some pictures of my short time in Alijis!

The first one is of our FHE with the cutest recent converts. They are four cousins and they all live together. They invited some of their friends to the FHE and a bunch of ward missionaries attended as well. It was super fun! For our object lesson, each person had a piece of paper with their name and then one person would draw their face and then we would pass the paper and the next person would draw the hands and so on until the person was completely drawn. It was so funny to see all the completed, crazy pictures of everyone:) The scripture we related it to was 1 Samuel 16 about how the Lord looks on the heart and it doesn't matter what we look like haha. They loved it.

This is me and Sister de Leon with Brother Ricky. He's the one who is so awesome and receptive, but has work every Sunday morning, so that's his challenge that we're praying he will somehow overcome so he can come to church and get baptized! He is so amazing though.

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