Monday, September 22, 2014

week 54 in the Philippines - "welcome to pontevedra"

Pictures! My new area and new companion!

My new companion is Sister Laulu, from Samoa. Yesterday we went after Stake Conference out to our far area, Suha, with our Branch President. He drove the tricycle and some awesome branch missionaries came with us too! We hold a special sacrament out in this area because it's so far away. It was sooo much fun going out there for my first time yesterday! 

It's way out in the midst of all these sugarcane fields and rice fields, just dirt and rock roads-the ride was super bumpy. The people were sooo cute! I love them already so much! I'm so excited to go back and teach everyone so the area will build up and become a group and then a branch and eventually a ward!!! hahaha 

oh yeah and we're so close to the ocean! hence the first picture on the water. That was last p-day on the beach:)

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