Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 53 in the Philippines - "new area - liwat!"

Well, I got the transfer call last night and now I am in a new area! I had an interview with President Lopez earlier and he assigned me to be a Sister Training Leader. So now I have this new assignment in my new area, which he said could possibly well be my last area. crazy. I didn't get much time in Alijis:( I will definitely miss the amazing people I met there. I think one of the biggest lessons I learned in Alijis was not to ever judge anyone, but to recognize and see everyone as equal children of our loving Heavenly Father. EVERYONE deserves to hear the gospel.

This past week we were able to have spiritual lessons with Brother Reggie, who is deaf and with Brother Edmundu, who is blind. The Spirit has no bounds:) It's been crazy to realize how much we rely on every single one of our senses. I would get out the pamphlet to show brother Edmundu pictures and then remember that would do him no good haha. For Brother Reggie, I would try to think of how we can really invite the Spirit and want to have us sing a hymn for him and remember oh, never mind. I love how amazing it is though, that just like when I first got here and couldn't speak the language, we could still communicate spirit to spirit through love for each other and for the gospel. 

A little experience with following the Spirit- So we were exploring this one area and the people we were planning on visiting were too busy, so we were walking back, when Sister de Leon felt we should stop by this one house and talk to them. No one was outside, and we don't normally just go door to door, but we stopped at this house and this cute sister, in her 20s, came out. We told her who we were, prayed for her and gave her a restoration pamphlet. Sister de Leon asked her as we were about to leave, how she felt about our visit and her face lighted up and she had this big smile and said how she felt so excited to learn about the truth! WoW! It's kind of rare for people to say things like that in their first encounter with us. So amazing! She doesn't live in our area, was just visiting, but we referred her info to the missionaries in her area. I was grateful for the important reminder that there are people everywhere ready for the gospel who even recognize it in five minutes of talking to us! We just have to trust the Spirit:) 

So my new area is here in Pontevedra, which is in the Binalbagan Zone. I remember Sister Salas telling me that her family lives in Binalbagan! We have Stake Conference next week so I'm hoping I might get to meet them!!!!! My new assignment as a Sister Training Leader, means I will be going on exchanges almost every week with a set of sisters in our zone. We are over all the sisters in Binalbagan Zone and in Kabankalan Zone because there is only one set of sisters in Kabankalan. It will be crazy, but exciting! My new companion is Sister Laulu! We were companions for 2 days back when I was in Bacolod 5th ward and so now we get to for real be companions:) She's from Samoa.

I hope you are all doing wonderfully! I love you all soooo much! Thanks for being so amazing!

Love, love, love, Sister Malyon

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