Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 55 in the Philippines - "baptism!"

How's everyone? It sounds like you're all crazy busy with all that's going on:) I hope you're all doing great wherever you are!

Here are pictures from our baptism this weekend! It was so awesome because brother Sioco just got baptized with his cute son a few weeks ago and then this weekend, his wife, Sister Nelia Sioco, got baptized! And Brother Sioco got to baptize her! He was very nervous and it took a few tries to get her all the way immersed in the water, but it was so wonderful:) She bore such a beautiful testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. Their family is so awesome! I love every time that we visit them because they just have such a love for the gospel and excitement for learning more. Brother Sioco takes his B of M to work with him and reads whenever he has a spare moment and then shares with all his co-workers about the gospel. Now we just need to find and teach all of their sons! 

We had a really neat experience this week with one of our investigators. So there's this family, the Espinoza family. One by one all of them have been baptized except for the father. Someone always has to be at the house because one of his jobs is to watch over this garbage site and so he's never been to church before. But this week we talked about faith, repentance and the importance of baptism and then extended baptism to him. He's been taught by missionaries with his family for a long time and we were pretty sure he knows it's true. But at first he was so hesitant and was bringing up excuses about how he was baptized before in the Catholic church and even in the Baptist church by immersion, but kind of jokingly. 

We reminded him of the priesthood, which his son holds and after some contemplation, he agreed! Oh my goodness, you should have seen the reaction of his wife! She had the biggest grin on her face! We then extended a date for November 8 and he was like "that's so far away!" hahahaha Obviously he wants to get baptized! He then brought up the church issue, but his family quickly butt in and said they had a plan that every week they will rotate one member of the family to stay at home during church and then attend the special sacrament we have in the afternoon instead. He agreed to go to church and he came yesterday with his family! It was the most beautiful sight:) At the end of the lesson, Brother Jerry's wife, Sister Nory gave him a big ol hug and kiss! She was so excited! 

It was truly a testimony builder to know that everyone has their time and as long as we trust in the Spirit, miracles happen. It's soooo wonderful to especially see families and watch them experience the joy of helping their loved ones come into the gospel. 

One other experience I want to share from this week. So Sister Laulu was sick one day and I was trying to coordinate with members to see if someone could come stay with Sister Laulu and someone work with me. Our branch president got it all worked out and in the evening, he dropped off Sister Marisa to stay with Sister Laulu and Sister Nory came with me. I was touched by their service and even though they are moms and our branch president has so much on his plate, they understand the importance of missionary work and sacrificed their time to come work with us and care for Sister Laulu. When we got back, Sister Marisa who stayed with Sister Laulu, had prepared this whole meal for me and Sister Laulu! They really do take care of us here, so no worries! 

Church at our branch yesterday was really neat. I just felt the Spirit sooo strongly with all of the members in our tiny little chapel. They were excited to have a new sister missionary, so I got to teach Relief Society, lead the music and share my testimony in Sacrament Meeting haha.

I'm very grateful to be serving the Lord. I'm so grateful for the gospel and for the opportunities we have been given as members of the only true church of Jesus Christ. 

I love you sooo much! Merry Christmas! Everyone here is already playing Christmas music, has out their decorations...etc so funny. 

Love you all tons and tons!
Love, Sister Malyon

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